This cute microgreen kit contains EVERYTHING you need to grow your own microgreens including organic soil, 4 kinds of seeds, five 5"x5" trays, spray mister, and detailed instructions as well as a QR code for virtual instructions. Perfect for growing indoors all year round!


It is great for apartments and a fantastic gift. Moms rave about what a fun activity it is to do with kids since microgreens are so easy to grow with quick gratification. And it's an adorable idea for a date night!


The trays are reusable so keep them after harvesting your microgreens and check out our refill kits to continue to grow your own!


Why Soil? Many people are more comfortable growing seeds in soil and soil has a better germination rate than growing pads. Customers also mention how they enjoy touching the soil with their hands and teaching their kids how to plant seeds directly into the soil. 


Traditionally, it is not recommended to reuse soil due to possible fungal growth. However, some customers have reported success sanitizing and reusing the soil to save some money. Additionally, you may buy replacement soil from the garden store of your choice. The soil included in this kit is organic and clean.


The seeds in the Trail Mix Microgreen Kit are:

-Sunnies (nutty sunflower seeds)

-Flowers (Amaranth seed is extremely vibrant, sweet and earthy) 

-Granola Bar (Oat seeds that taste like a mildly spicy lettuce)

-Alfalfa (Alfalfa seeds are nutty and pea like). 


There are enough seeds in each pack to use in one tray.

Trail Mix Microgreen Kit

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